Family Reunionphoto © 2006 Joel Gillman | more info (via: Wylio)The PBR, Professional Bull Riders, are having a reunion. Many of the legends of bull riding and founders of the PBR will join together to share, reminisce, and remember the early days, the low times, and the high times. Many families will gather this summer for family reunions. They will share, laugh, eat, remember the past, and look forward to the future. Reunions are a chance to remember where you came from as well as look to where you are going in the future.

While I have never attended a high school reunion, I have attended a few family reunions. I learned a few things at those reunions. Maybe you have learned the same lessons.
1. Stories matter. The stories of who we are matter more than most of us realize. As I have listened to various family members share the legends of our family, I have been encouraged and empowered by those who have gone before me. I realize that some of what made them inspiring lives in me as well. We need to make the time to tell and listen to stories of our history. The stories also bring comfort. They were like me, not perfect and sometimes struggling. I like knowing the good, bad, and in-between about the history.
2. Willing to Connect. One of the best parts about reunions is meeting people who are connected to you. This sometimes take some work. We are used to remaining with the ones we know. When we take the chance to talk with someone else, to learn about the connections, then our world becomes larger. We are not as isolated as we once were.
3. Hard work pays off. Pulling together a family reunion is a lot of work. There are plans that have to be made, food organized, and often travel is involved. Yet, know who you are is worth the trouble. It is celebrating your heritage, what makes you unique as a family and as an individual. Being a part of a reunion gives you a chance to be inspired as well as have greater clarity about the future.

Enjoy this season of reunions from PBR to family. Enjoy knowing that you are a part of something larger than yourself.


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