trendy or well fitting?

Fashion:District The Showphoto © 2010 TPWP | more info (via: Wylio)
Every season we see new fashion trends. There are the season’s hottest colors, a change in hemlines. It may be a season for ultra-feminine fashions, form fitting, or any other possible trend. We have seen skinny jeans and wide-legged pants. It is interesting to watch. Some of these styles look good on many body types. Some styles can be modified to look good on most body types. Some styles can only be worn by only a very select group of people with very specific body styles. Every style does not work with every body type.

Yet many will follow a style trend because it is popular, because their friends are wearing a particular style, or because they believe they should always stay current with the trends. Sometimes the latest fashion trend is not a good choice for an individual because it does not flatter that individual. For example, very wide-legged trousers can make petite women seem even smaller. The clothes overwhelm the individual.

There are lots of trends in fashion and in life. These trends do not always fit our body types, our personalities, or our values. We have to find the right fit for us, not just go along with the current trend. We have to consider what is the best fit for who we are. We are each uniquely created in the image of God. Some of us are shorter than others. Some of us are more angular. Some of us are more rounded that others. Some of us are trying to de-emphasize a physical feature. Some of us are trying to emphasize another physical feature. We are each a unique creation. Instead of forcing ourselves to wear the latest thing, lets try to find the best thing for us. So, what are you wearing?


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