just one more thing

Timephoto © 2009 Moyan Brenn | more info (via: Wylio)
Some people have a great ability to estimate the time needed for a task.  These people are able to figure out how many things they will be able to get done in any given time slot.  I have found that these folks are often on time or early for appointments because they have considered how long it will take them to get prepared and be at the location at the appointed time.  I know these people.  I admire these people.  I am not one of these people.

Somehow I always seem to think that I can get just one more thing into the schedule.  I usually underestimate the amount of time any tasks will take.  From getting ready to leave the house to work related tasks, I seem to always be trying to fit something else into the schedule.  This idea of fitting just one more thing into the schedule usually ruins the schedule.  I confess that I am often late or just making it to the meeting at the appointed time.

Some folks do not seem bothered by their own tardiness or underestimating the time required for a task.  Yet, when we are trying to fit that one more thing into the schedule, others may perceive it as disrespect.  It is not honoring the person or group we have agreed to meet with at an appointed time.  It is saying that we do not value them enough to make more of an effort to respect their time.

I know that this is something that I work to improve.  I don’t want my one more thing to be disrespectful to others.  I want to show others that they are valuable.  So, I time lots of my activities.  Sometimes I even let the one more thing go.  The people, not the things, are what matter.


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