Inside Ambulance 45photo © 2009 Bobby Hidy | more info (via: Wylio)Last weekend I went to a SEBRA (Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association) Event at Oakland Farms. It was produced by BLM. It was a bull riding event, as you may have guessed. The format was typical to other events. Everyone who entered the bull riding had a chance to ride, then after the barrel racers and mutton busters, there was a finals round for the bull riders. This finals is also known as the short-go. As the barrel racers finished up, the ring was prepared for the finals or short-go round. The barrels were removed. Another preparation was made. The ambulance which had been sitting close by all evening was moved. It was moved so that the back of the ambulance was within a few feet of the gate to the arena. For the rest of the night, the ambulance had been close by, but it was several yards away. The EMTs had always been near the ambulance, but they moved so that they were standing right behind the doors of the ambulance, ready for action. They were prepared for any contingency. The bulls in the final round are usually the best bulls of the evening, also described as the most rank bulls. They are big, and they buck hard. The riders knew the risks as did the event producers. They needed to be prepared.

How prepared are we? Most of us are not bull riders, but we have all sorts of things in our lives that can throw us off course, put us in harm’s way, hurt us, or otherwise incapacitate us. Are we prepared? We probably cannot be prepared for anything and everything, but we can prepare our hearts and souls. Jesus tells us about this kind of preparation. Jesus tells us in the parable of the bride groom. He tells how the women who were waiting were not all prepared because they ran out of oil in their lamps. They let things be too far gone and too long a wait time. The ambulance and the bull riding event moved closer so that if needed, the wait time would be as short as possible. Action would need to be immediate. How is it with your soul? Are you ready for the demands on your faith that may come your way today? Have you spent time aligning yourself with God’s will? Have you allowed God to prepare you for whatever you may face today?

The ambulance was not needed at the bull riding event. Chance Riley went on to win the event. We don’t know what we may face today. So, be prepared.


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