do something © 2009 Klearchos Kapoutsis | more info (via: Wylio)One way I relax is reading. I read fiction, which is not a bad thing in itself, except that the lives of those inside my books are far more exciting that my own life. They have great . . . Everything. There is more excitement, more drama, more passion, more twists and turns. Their lives are generally more exciting. In roughly two hundred pages, the characters solve a crime, find their one true love, discover their purpose for living, alter the course of history, or claim their destiny. They end up knowing who they are and where they are going. While this type of dramatic living may happen in some lives, I don’t believe that is the normative experience for most of us.

Most people don’t get their entire lives wrapped up over the course of a couple hundred pages or even a couple of weeks. We are constantly evolving and growing, discovering who we are created to be. We are living in ordinary moments of housekeeping and life building. We live the ordinary parts of cleaning house and preparing for the future. We don’t get to fast forward through the mundane parts. We don’t get to edit out the imperfections in ourselves or the others around us. We live real lives in real time. We may not have that much excitement, but what we have is real.

So, if you are tired of the ordinariness of your existence, do something to change it. Instead of escaping to a novel, zoning out in front of the television, or in some other way disconnecting with real life, get more involved. Take up a cause. Build a new relationship. Share your life. Change. I believe that the restlessness we sometimes feel is actually a prodding to spur us onto something more fulfilling. The boredom or discontent allow us to see where we can make changes. Often the changes we need to make are within us or our own lives. The wishing for something more may be a way of spurring you forward to reflection and/or action. You are the one who determines the course of your life. Go take on the day.


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