You are not Alone

'beagle puppy' photo (c) 2010, Nick LoCicero - license: My daughter has a dog. It is a beagle. She is very sweet, even if she is not very bright. She needs to be around people. She has never functioned well if we do not keep her within eyesight. If she is in her crate, she needs to be able to see people or she barks. As long as she can see people, then she is fine. One of her favorite things is to be touched. She loves having her belly rubbed, but she is content to have some part of her body touching some part of one of her humans. On very rare occasions she is allowed to sleep with us humans. Throughout the night she wants to have contact. She wants the physical connection. She wants to know that she is not alone.

We humans are usually less obvious, but we also need a connection to others. We need to know that we are a part of the human family. We live in a time when we don’t make eye contact, much less connect with those around us. We pretend that others do not exist. It makes for a very lonely, isolated world. Those of us who know that we are not alone, have a responsibility to others. Those of us who know what it is to have God with us, have a responsibility to connect with other people. It may be as simple as making eye contact, a touch, asking how a person is doing, or caring enough to throw a hand up in a wave as we drive by our neighbors. Take the time to make connections with other people. Now, I’m going to change out of my dog-hair covered pajamas.


One thought on “You are not Alone

  1. I like this one Sandy. I have started a Dog Ministry at church. We take our dogs to a nursing home once a month to visit with the residents. They really love it and seem to come alive when the dogs arrive. They need to be touched just as much as the animals. We always try to talk to them and find out something about their life. It means so much to them to have someone to talk to and touch them. Sometimes I think I leave getting more out of the visit than they did. Dogs have a way of making people talk to each other when we normally wouldn’t.

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