Dwelling Place

roomphoto © 2008 Juan David Cadena ValldeRuten | more info (via: Wylio)
Jesus tells us, “In my Father’s house there are many rooms . . .” (John 14:2). Other translations say “dwelling places” instead of rooms. I imagine that it is something like hotel rooms. It is a place where there is room for everyone, and the space for each one of us is unique. It is a special place designed with our own unique style, personality, and needs in mind. It is a room that cares for us by offering us peace, revival, and comfort.

This unique space is just what we need. It is a place where we can be our authentic selves. It is a place where we feel we belong. There is this place created just for us in God’s kingdom. Yet, as those who are praying for and working for God’s kingdom to be a reality on earth, shouldn’t we seek to create a room or dwelling place on earth that provides some of the same reactions?

Instead of creating a dwelling place that follows the latest decorating styles, functions efficiently, or is appealing to large numbers of people, maybe we should decorate with our spirits first. Let the style, function, and mass appeal come later. Consider what would make you feel at peace in your dwelling space. Do you feel revived looking at objects that tell your story? Do you feel at peace when there are few things in your line of sight? Do you get revived by shelves of books that encourage you on your journey? Do you need to be able to look out and see the sky in order to feel encouraged?

Consider your dwelling place on earth. How are you creating your own unique space that speaks to your soul? What do you need to change so that you and God may share a dwelling place here?


One thought on “Dwelling Place

  1. Thanks, Sandi. You got an excellent on this one! It really speaks to me today as I continue to downsize for my inner peace here.

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