who is in control?

'Dental procedure aboard USS Abraham Lincoln.' photo (c) 2011, Official Navy Page - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
Recently I had some dental work done.  I was only in the dentists’ chair an hour, but it felt much longer.  Going to the dentist makes me anxious.  Will there be pain?  What about all of the sounds of drills, suction, and the forceps?  My dentist did a great job, but I still can think of lots of other more pleasant ways to spend an hour.  Even though I know it is to improve my dental health, I dread dental work.

While reclining in the dentist chair, I reflection time.  I found it very hard to reach a contemplative mind-set because I felt so out of control.  The dentist and the dental assistant were passing instruments inches from my nose.  There were multiple suction devices.  Drills were whirring.  The dentist would use one instrument and then another.  I knew the end result would be that my current fillings would be replaced.  But, I did not know what precisely they were doing.  There was a device holding my mouth open, not to mention the dentists’ hands and the other suction device.  I could not ask questions.  There was no mirror or other reflective surface for me to try to watch the proceedings.  They were in charge.  I lay on my back with my mouth open as wide as possible, and I felt out of control.  I could not supervise, observe, or question anything!  I had to have faith in my dentist skills and training.

It was not a pleasant feeling to allow someone else to have total control, even for just an hour.  It is sometimes hard for us to allow others to be in control of us, yet we invite God to be our Lord.  We surrender, by choice, control of our lives to God.  We are called to daily die to our own wants, wills, and desires in order to serve God alone.  We are not in control.  It can be a scary thing to give over control, but that is what it means to allow God to be Lord of our lives.  It means that we make the conscious choice to serve God.  We put our faith in God.

We like to observe, supervise, and instruct, but God calls us to serve, love, and give.  It is our choice, but it is sometimes a hard choice to make.  Take a moment to consider what areas of your life you are trying to control too much.  Are there places that  you need to surrender to God’s will?  My prayer and joy is that God is in control, and God can handle even my life.


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