What do bull riders and Christians have in common?

'Riders And Bulls Meet' photo (c) 2009, Emilio Labrador - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/The PBR is on summer break.  To me, a break implies that the riders get to have some tome off.  They are away from their homes weekends during the season, and the sport is extremely demanding on their bodies.

While some of the riders do seem to be taking the time off, most of the riders are riding.  They are traveling all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, and Canada to compete.  The break is really more of a change than an actual break.  Some riders, like JB Mauney have chosen to stick closer to home.  Others have chosen to travel the United States or even farther.  Dustin Elliot recently posted on Facebook that he had traveled close to 4,000 miles to compete at the Calgary Stampede.

The bull riders are experiencing a change more than a break.  They keep riding.  It is their passion.  It is their livelihood.  In this way they are like all Christians.  We may have venue changes, but we are called to always be working for the kingdom.  There are no breaks.

I have heard folks say that they are too old to do much for the church or God’s kingdom.  They think that they have paid their dues and fulfilled their commitment.  God expects us to keep working for the kingdom even if we have retired from a career.  In fact, retirement from a career allows us to make more choices about how we spend our time.  The fall and winter of life are opportunities for greater service rather than less.

Some say that they are too busy with their careers and families to give time to the work of the kingdom or to their church.  This is a time of life when folks have lots of energy.  It is an ideal time to serve the kingdom.  It also teaches the family to make time for God, even when you are busy.  Putting God first strengthens our families and us.  If we put God first, then God will help us fit everything else into our lives that needs to be there.

Bull riders and Christians are never really on break, they simply change venues.


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