Starting the Day

'Dawn 4' photo (c) 2009, Fiona Hackland - license: admit that I am more of a morning person than anyone else in my family.  I love waking up with the sun and greeting the sunrise.  It seems that there is so much potential for what might happen in the course of the day.  

Morning is also my personal time.   Since no one else is awake, this is my chance to get ready for whatever the day will hold.  Generally, I try to exercise, check my email, drink at least one cup of coffee, and spend time in the presence of God.  At my bedside I keep at least one devotional and a Bible.  Starting the day with God is an opportunity to be empowered and fortified in a way that can be found no where else.  

My morning scripture reading reminds me that there is more.  I am not alone, and I am a part of God’s household.  When those in my earthly house wake with grumpy attitudes and demands for blue socks, then I am ready to respond.  When I falter during my day, falling short of my goals, I know that I am accepted and loved.

It may not be your natural inclination to wake early, but I hope you are able to find a way to start your day withGod, even if it is just a quick read of a short verse to focus you day.  Start your day by feeding your spirit.


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