Staying the Same

'Change, Grow, Evolve' photo (c) 2008, Robert Nunnally - license:

Transformation is something we talk about a lot.  We talk about transforming the world and ourselves.  We believe that are job is to change ourselves and the world.  We remind ourselves of Jesus declaration, “see, I am making all things new.”

Yet, often our response is that we are fine, just the way we are.  It is them over there that need to change.  I am fine.  They all need to realize my way is the best way.  We pray that they will be changed, but we are fine.

Or, we have a feeling of hopelessness.  We think that we are just to set in our ways to ever experience lasting change.  We think that we are too headstrong, or stubborn.  We think that there is no way to change because we have been on the same road for so long that there is no way to make a turn.

Alone, we probably cannot change on our own.  Change and lasting transformation is difficult, if not impossible.  Even when we know that the change will make us and our lives better, it is a challenge.

 One way that we are able to experience change is when we are a part of a supportive group or community.  The group offers us encouragement, challenge, hope, resources, and other intangibles That help move us forward.  This is one odpf the reasons we gather as Christians.  We gather because we do believe tha change is possible because all things.


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