'Sand castle' photo (c) 2006, jesiehart - license: I was building a sand castle with an 8-year-old who had lots of theories on building sand castles. One theory was that the castle foundation needed the addition of water every so often. The water, I was told, was to keep the sand connected. The sand needed to stay connected so that the castle foundation would hold as the castle progressed.

The same principle works in many areas of life. We know that in cooking there often needs to be a binding agent to hold all the ingredients together. We also know that for a chemical compound to work, the various chemicals need to connected.

We also need to have things or items that help us maintain connections in our relationships. Sometime the connections are obvious, such as geography, genetics, or common interest. Other connections are less obvious such as friendships and relationships within the Christian community. These may take more work to stay connected. It is not as easy to build and support a relationship with a Christian who lives across the globe as it is to maintain a relationship with our neighbor. Yet, we are called to maintain connections within the body of Christ. We are called to build and maintain relationships with others who are seeking to live out their faith.

Just as the water was the connection for the sand castle, we need water to hold us together. We have the water of baptism that unites us with all other Christians. It is the outward sign of God’s grace working in us. It is the sign that marks us as part of God’s family. No matter what barriers we face, geography, language, or common interest, all of us who are a part of the family of God are connected.


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