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This is my vacation week, so I have thought a lot about what makes a person happy.  I’ve concluded that happiness is more complicated that it seems.  There is short-term happiness that is derived from a variety of sources.  There is a situational happiness where we experience more than instant pleasure, but it is based on external conditions.  Then there is lasting happiness.  This happiness is our usual state of being, which means that while there are times and situations that may evoke other emotions our standard state is happy.

Here are some of my observations about being happy.  Lasting happiness has less to do with outside situations, objects, relationships, and conditions than the other levels of happiness.  This state of being happy is primarily internally created, and it has more to do with how a person feels about themselves and their lives rather than external factors.  This state has to do with how a person feels about themselves, their lives, and the way they are living.  This has something to do with genetics as well.  To increase the state of lasting happiness, change the things in your life that are disappointments or failures to you.  Take better care of yourself.  Accept who you are.  Confess sins and short coming to God and those you have hurt.  Accept forgiveness.  Unbind yourself from y our fears by asking for God’s power to release you.  Express your true self.   Be you and love you.

All of the things that hinder our happiness are things we learn as adults.  We put limits on ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are not good enough.  We compare ourselves to others.  We beat ourselves up for the things we have done, the things we should have done, and the things we wish we had done.  We say that we should be different.

God loves us just as we are, without reservation.  God also is ready to offer forgiveness to all.  Take some time to consider those things that are keeping you from a state of happiness.  Ask for God’s forgiveness and help.  Then, start working on those things that you do not like about yourself.  As you work on them, you will find a greater happiness.

While short-term happiness is a good experience, it is fleeting and based on many external factors.  A state of happiness is based on ourselves.  Instead of seeking fleeting moments, go for the long-lasting.


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