Unique Place

'Bedroom' photo (c) 2009, Sam DeLong - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/My daughter and I are in a standoff regarding style choices in her bedroom.  She wants to make choices that mark her room as her own.  I want her style choices to be long-lasting choices so that we will not have to return to this discussion anytime soon.  I know how short-lived these style swings lasts in the life of an 8-year-old.  She knows that she wants a unique space.  She is not alone.  We all want a space that we can feel is our space.  As I tried to figure out a reasonable compromise on the comforter for her bed, I realized that there is a place for all of us.  There is a unique space for each one of us, created just for us in God’s house.  I wanted to say to my daughter:

There is a place for you.  There is a place for the real you.  A place for you to be completely yourself.  A place where you do not have to be concerned about sharing your truest self.

This place is a place not just where you can belong.  It is a place designed uniquely for you.  It is a place designed not for the public image of you, but it is designed for the whole person that is you.  It is a place not bound by geography or rules.  There is no one else who determines the color of the walls or the flooring choices.  It not a just right size.  It is not too small.  It is not too large.  It is a just right fit for you.

The place offers you exactly what you need in the moment.  It is place of rest.  It is a place of hope.  It is a place of comfort.  It is a place of healing.  It is a place of love.  It is your dwelling place in God’s house.    I also said that she could have the comforter of her choice.  May we all accept our place in God’s home.

 [Jesus said] In my Father’s house there are many dwelling-places.


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