Accept your Mistakes

The PBR is back! After their summer break, we will be able to watch the rest of the season. PBR stands for Professional Bull Riding, and it is something that I enjoy watching. This is the second week of broadcast. One aspect of the broadcast is the “Truth Booth” where riders evaluate their performance. Recently, Ryan McConnel visited the truth booth. He described his own ride as pathetic. He knew that he could have and should have ridden better. While most of us have not ridden a bull, we know the frustration that comes from doing less than we are capable of doing. We know the feeling of letting ourselves down. We know the sentiment of not living up to our abilities. Maybe it is a professional skill, a personal encounter, or just in daily living. We all fall short of what we are capable of doing sometimes. Paul, who wrote several letters or epistles that appear in the New Testament, lived with this same frustration. He said that he does the very thing that he hates, the thing that he does not want to do. It is a part of our human condition to do the things that we do not want to do occasionally. The issue is not that we mess up, but it is usually in how we handle the pathetic moments. Yes, we get upset about them. We may deem them “pathetic”, like McConnel. Then what? Do we give up, figuring if we messed up once, then we are going to just keep messing up? Do we wallow in guilt and self-recrimination, never forgiving ourselves? Do we beat ourselves up? When we fail to live at our best, then we must accept the momentary lapse, forgive ourselves, and try again. We all make mistakes. The question is how we handle those mistakes. Ryan McConnel acknowledged the mistake, then he got on another bull. He did not let that mistake define him. He accepts that he is not perfect. Paul, used his mistake to teach others, including us, that we must continually strive to do better. We all make mistakes, but we try again. We seek to be the best we can be, realizing that we are going to make mistakes. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. Strive to do better. Move past the mistake to the next opportunity. Allow God to love you, forgive you, and help you be more fully the person that you can be.


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