What Do You See?


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Recently I watched part of an episode of “What Not To Wear“.  This show is a makeover experience.  Friends nominate an unsuspecting individual.  Then, the person, usually a woman, is given $5,000 with the stipulation that she must bring her entire wardrobe to their studios. N they determine what, if anything, will be kept from the wardrobe.  The new wardrobe must follow the rules set forth by the show.  Then, there is a hair and makeup makeover. Besides for fashion advice, the show confronts the reasons behind a person’s fashion, hair and makeup choices.  One memorable episode was a woman who wore a tail with every outfit.  Another woman often wore fairy wings as a part of her outfit.

It is a show that deals with personality as well as psychological issues.  The particular episode I watched had a woman who focused only on her faults.  She could see nothing beyond her faults.  She seemed to be faking her appreciation of the transformation.

While we may not have this same level of negative energy, we can become overly concerned with the negative.  We can see the things we don’t like to the exclusion of any thing positive.  We can see our physical negatives, like this woman’s concern with her tummy area, Orwell can see other things.  We can see ourselves as not good enough, not measuring up, or defective.

The Good News is that God loves the whole package.  Yes, there are probably areas that can be improved, but God sees the good that is in you.  We all have some good, some value, some blessing within us.  We are created in the image of God.  We are called to celebrate that goodness within us as we strive to improve our weaknesses.  This means that we don’t beat ourselves up for Teheran imperfections, rather we accept that these are areas for potential growth.

This woman missed the opportunity because she could not see beyond her faults.  Learn from her and celebrate the good within you.



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