Resting Space

Japanese bedroom

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When we are authentic, when we keep our

spaces simple, simply beautiful living takes place. – Alexandra Stoddard

I have Lymes disease which means I have been resting a lot.  I’m not very good at resting, but  I know this is going to help me get better.  I have had a lot of time to reflect on my bedroom, since this is probably the most time I have every spent in there actually awake. As I have rested, I cam across the Stoddard quote.  The truth is that my bedroom is simple.  It is not fussy, but it is a beautiful place to be.  On the wall is a picture that reminds me of a camping trip with my family.  On another wall a framed invitation to our wedding.  There is a bible and devotional by my bed.  The sheets are comfortable.  It is a place to rest, to heal, to recover.

I certainly did not anticipate an illness that required any significant recovery, but we all need a place where we can recover from the stresses and pressures of our days.  We need a place that helps restore our peace and offers us comfort, as much as a room can.  We need a resting place, a quiet place.

Is there a simple place in your world?  A place that is just for you, not decorated for others?  A place meant to feed your soul, not match a particular style?  A place where you can feel rejuvenated and alive?  Find or create that place.  It may not be an entire room.  It may be a certain chair or corner of a room.  It is a place that nourishes your spirit.  It is my hope that you will find and cultivate a special place of comfort and healing.  You never know when you may need it.


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