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In USA Today article, there was a report about a new left turn signal light being tried throughout the United States. The light is a blinking yellow turn arrow.  This light allows left turning vehicles to turn when cars going straight are in motion.  It will also warn drivers to yield before turning.  While I have not seen any of these, it was reported that these lights are already in all states or being considered.


I know that I have accidentally mistaken either the movement of the cars in the lane beside me or the changing of their light signal as my cue to begin moving.  I have either taken my foot off of the brake or begun to lift my foot.  Maybe you have done something similar.  I know that I have witnessed others doing this.  Their vehicles begin to roll slightly, then it appears that the brakes are very quickly applied.
Signals are sometimes a problem in our lives.  Many of us struggle with knowing when and where to go in our lives.  We wonder when we should go or stay.  We wonder when we should turn or keep moving in the same direction.  Should we ex erode caution as we proceed forward, or should we maintain our pace?

Some see lots of signs for their lives while others rarely, if ever, see signs for direction. Some of us are somewhere in between.  Where do you look for your signals?  Are you looking at things that may be happening just by chance, or are you trusting God for the signals to give you direction for your life?  If you are trusting in God to guide you, then what signals do you expect or experience?  Are you spending prayer time listening, or are you always talking?


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