Unexpected Blessings

Cobra (PowerPark roller coaster)

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The past two weeks have been a roller coaster of unexpected events in my life.  These events could all be seen as problems, but I am choosing to look at them as unexpected blessings instead.  I believe that the way we choose to look at events is an opportunity for us to choose how we view and experience life.  I want to choose to see the blessings rather than the problems.

The two primary events were being diagnosed with Lyme disease and an earthquake.  The Lyme disease means that I do not have the energy I used to have, so I have to do less.  While this is sometimes a struggle, it gives me many blessings.  First, doing less means that I have more time for reflection, contemplation, and being in God’s presence.  I am often too tired to do anything, even read a book.  So, I’m left to my own devices.  I have had time to think, consider the wonder of all of the gifts God has given to me, and evaluate what is important enough to use my limited energy supply.  Second, I have been able to be a recipient of love and care.  Yes, the love and care was present prior to my illness, but I was usually doing for others.  Now, they are having to do for me.  I am loved because of me, not because of what I do for others.  Knowing this is a blessing that I would not have had if I had been well.

The second event is an earthquake.  While there was no damage at my home, my daughter is going to be unexpectedly out of school for a couple of weeks.  While this does pose some interesting scheduling conflicts, it is also an opportunity to spend some time together and impart some life lessons.  Our entire family has a greater appreciation of being safe and together.  As we watched the news about the earthquake and Libya, we were able to celebrate the safety of our family and teach about the importance of a stable government.

We all have choices about how we view our life events.  Seeing the blessings is sometimes difficult in the midst of crisis, but God is with us always.


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