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Recently I saw a television show that was revealing some of the little known secrets of the United States as well as conspiracy theories about the little known secrets.  One portion of the show was about the seal of the United States.  The two sides of the seal are on the back of the $1 bill.  The eagle side with the eagle holding 13 arrows and the olive branch has always made sense to me, but I wondered about the other side.  The other side of the seal is the unfinished pyramid with the floating eye above the pyramid.


According to the television show, the eye represents the all-seeing God while the unfinished pyramid is a symbol that the work of government is never done.  So, the work of the government is never done, but God is watching over all of it.  The work of our personal lives is never done either.  We are always learning, growing, and becoming more fully what God has created us to be.  We are never complete in this lifetime.


While we are growing, we have to have some direction to our growth.  This direction is offered by God.  God gives us a vision of where we should be headed as individuals and as groups.  Our job is to seek guidance from the One who is all  knowing and seeing.  We all need to take specific time to seek God’s vision for our lives so that we can continue to grow.


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