Loving Means Giving

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I must stay awake.  I must stay awake.  I must stay awake.  These were my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep the other night.  My immediate family and I were returning from a family wedding.  My husband was driving, and I wanted to stay awake to talk to him while he drove.  It was a three hour drive.  I am glad he did a better job than I did of staying awake on the drive home!  I was soo . . . Tired that I wondered if the trip had been worth it.  As I dragged myself into the house and flopped into bed, I determined that it was all worth it.


We had gone to a wedding.  My cousin got married.  It was a chance for us to spend time with family, to reconnect, and to support others.  While I did not get to spend much time with the bride and groom, they knew that I was there.  I was there to support them and celebrate with them.


We all want and need the support of others, friends and family who will drive three or more hours to be with us.  We need to know that there are those in this world who will sacrifice time and energy for us.  My cousin has been there for many of the major events in my life, and I am so glad that I was able to be present for his wedding.  He knows that he is not alone.


Are there others who need our support today?  Are there people, family, friends, or strangers, who need to know that they are not alone?  What are we doing to support others around us?  What are we doing to take care of those we love?  It is up to us to support others with our presence and our prayers.  Today, give of yourself because of all those who have given for you, especially Christ.


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