Bomb scare 2008

Image by christine zenino via Flickr

I am working from home today, and it is not by my choice.  Due to either an explosion or possible bomb at the local post office, my church building was evacuated this morning.  What a morning wake-up!  Not only were my plans for the day radically altered, but many others had their days changed.  Instead of an ordinary day, many people have had their days radically altered.  Some people will not get paid today because they are paid an hourly wage.  Other people felt anxious or afraid.  Still others were frustrated by the inconveniences of having traffic re-routed or plans canceled.


We all know what it is to have our day radically altered by circumstances beyond our control.  We know what it is to be scared, anxious, and frustrated.  We know what it is to be in detoured traffic, unpredictable situations, or miss opportunities.  All of these are a part of life.


We cannot avoid some situations, but we can choose how we respond to them.  We can choose to feed the negative emotions we feel.  We can choose to  see the interruptions in our lives as the world working against us, or we can choose a different path.  We can choose to see the interruptions as new opportunities to experience God’s grace.  So often we become so rigid that we are not able to be malleable in God’s hands.  If we allow ourselves to be more bendable and changeable, then God can work more freely in our lives.  Being adaptable to the situations of our everyday lives allows us to be more adaptable to God’s calling on our lives.


Embrace the interruptions.  They are learning moments.


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