You are responsible

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On a recent trip to Gettysburg, I learned about the battle and the aftermath.  One of the things I discovered was that the relatively few people of the town of Gettysburg were left to deal with the dead, between 46,000 and 51,000.  There were only 2400 residents of the area, and they were left with a huge job.  It was not something that they could avoid, the bodies were rapidly decaying in the July heat.  They eventually received help from the governments, but the majority of the responsibility feel to them.


It was not their responsibility.  They were just in the wrong place and the wrong time.  So often when this happens in our lives, we are tempted to cry out against the unfairness of the situation.  We did not cause the battle.  Who is going to take care of this situation?  Someone else needs to be responsible.  We do this when there are public issues.  We do not want to be the ones to take care of things.


Even if it is not our responsibility, we are required to serve our community and humanity.  We are called to take care of others because that is the responsibility of every person to serve others.  This may be as gruesome as helping to bury the dead soldiers at Gettysburg, or it may be something easier.  It may be helping to improve someone’s life situation by providing food for a local food bank.  It may be volunteering at a local school to be a friend to a student.  It may be giving of your time to advocate for another person.  It may be as simple as showing gratitude for those in service professions.


We are called to help make the world a better place because we are a part of the human race.  As Christians we are called to work for the kingdom of God, which means that we are to make this world more like God’s kingdom.  We create a world of peace, justice, and grace.  It is up to us to care for others, feed others, share love with others, and be the hands and feet of Christ.  What will you do today to care for others?  Will you honor their lives?  Will you provide for your community?  Will you help change the world?


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