What are you wearing?

Scoping out cowboys after the show

Clothes define the man, at least according to the  old saying.  Most of do put a lot of consideration into what we wear.  We seek to make a statement, to fit in, to be in style, to be fashion forward, to define our personality, to placate parents, to be presentable, to conform to our peer group, or just be comfortable.  There are lots of reasons we choose the clothes we  do, and very few  of those reasons have to do with practicality.  We want to be noticed.  We want to be accepted.  We want something more than just warmth or cover for our bodies.

Many are getting a chance to support a cause through their clothing.  The PBR, Professional Bull Riders, and Wrangler  have a new campaign, Tough Enough to Wear Pink.  Starting this weekend, the PBR is encouraging all fans, staff, and athletes to wear pink.  Bull riders, who have an image of being tough and rugged, and now they are being invited to wear a color that often has been used to designate femininity.  The “girly” color for the cowboys.  I have pictures of my favorite bull riders in pink chaps.  This may not come to pass, but the image made me laugh.

This idea of what we wear started me thinking about what all of us wear.  Not just our shoes and clothing, but our expressions show something to the world.  Is that something that you want to be showing?  What do you want to say to the world?  Do you want to say that you are not interested in them or their opinions, or do you want to say that you care about others?  Do you want to keep your head down and eyes averted to say that you have little worth, or do you want to look at others directly allowing them to see that you are a person of value?

What we wear matters.  It makes a statement about what we think of ourselves and others.  This weekend, I’ll be looking for pink jeans and chaps on the bull riders.  What are you wearing?


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