Unexpected Blessings

They say that things often don’t go according to plan.  I find that things rarely go according to plan.  We often find ourselves in the midst of unplanned events, activities, relationships, issues, and frustrations.  Most of us never plan to oversleep.  Most of us do not plan to be sick, especially in our busy season.  We do not plan for computer glitches that require our computer to visit our local IT person.  We do not plan to lose our keys, cellphone, or important documents.  We do not plan to be sick, have a ill spouse, fall down the stairs, or any other physical ailment.


Even those these things are not part of the plan, they happen.  Hopefully they do not all happen at the same time!  We can lament all of our troubles, crying about the injustice of it all.  We could complain about how unfair life is how much we have to do, and how these things never seem to happen to other people.  We could get angry, bitter, or resentful.


Or, we could change our thinking.  Instead of seeing these unplanned events in our lives as problems, we can choose to see them as blessings.  We can choose to see the unexpected, unforeseen, and  surprising events as blessings and opportunities.  While they may not be expected or wanted, it is up to us how we respond to the events.  We can choose our reactions.  This is a part of free will.  We are able to decide for ourselves what our response will be.


Last week my office was evacuated due to a possible bomb at the post office nearby.  I could have fussed and fumed and the interruption to my day.  Instead, I saw it as an opportunity for extra rest.  Yep.  I went home and took a nap.  This week my office computer suddenly need to spend some quality time at the local computer repair place.  This has given me a chance to see how well integrated by home and office systems are.  We choose how we respond to situations and events.  We are not alone.  We can seek God’s guidance and assistance in making our life choices, but it is our choice.  What a wonderful gift from God – freedom to choose.


We are not always able to plan or choose the events in our lives, but we are able to choose how we respond.  Thanks be to God.


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