Weird is Good!


Image by joyosity via Flickr

I remember when it was good to be like everyone else.  It was a goal to be a carbon copy of other people.  I vividly remember consultation phone calls with my friends to determine what we would be wearing.  Are we wearing jeans or shorts?  We wanted to fit in, blend in, and conform.  Things have changed.  In order to fit in, we now need to be unique.  We need to be unusual.  We need to be weird. Finally! I  fit in because I am weird!  We are not only allowed, but we are encouraged to be different, unique, and special.  No longer will mass marketing work in the same way because we are seeking originality.  No longer must we conform to the “in” thing because it is no longer “in” to conform.  I can openly declare my love of bull riding, even though it is not the norm.  I don’t have to seek the normative life path because the norm is not the desired outcome of life.  We are each created in the image of God, and we are unique creations.  There is no one just like any other person.  Our nature, our life experiences, our personality, our vision and our gifts are all unique.  All of the unique features of each of us are a glimpse of God’s unique creation.  By celebrating our weirdness, we are celebrating the unique creation we are.  Celebrate your uniqueness as well as the uniqueness of those around us.


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