Shaky Ground

Children in Jerusalem.

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Was that thunder?  No!  It was another aftershock.  It was 2.6 this time.  The schools were evacuated as a precaution.  It was raining.  The students eventually went back into the building, wet but okay.  The students were literally on shaking ground for a brief moment.  Some may also be on shaky ground in other ways.  They may be on shaky ground academically.  There may be things that they just don’t understand.  There may  be foundational learnings that they are missing.  Without these foundational pieces, the students will struggle with their education.  They may be on shaky ground behaviorally.  There are many young people who are unable or unwilling to behave in a socially acceptable manner.  If they are not able to learn how to behave appropriately, they will suffer socially and emotionally.  They will be hindered in their life progress if they cannot conform to societies expectations to some extent.  The children may be on shaky ground emotionally.  They may feel unsure of their worth, the stability of their family, or the love of others for them.  The pain of emotional hurts can stay with them for their entire lives.  The emotional baggage that they carry from childhood could affect all relationships in their future.


For so many reasons the children in my community and in all communities are on shaky ground.  We as Christians are called to reach out to the least, the last, and the lost.  We are called to help those who are shaky ground.  So, what are we doing for the children of our community?  Is there a child who could use your help to reach solid ground?


We make our excuses that we are too busy, no good with children, or just not sure how to get involved.  If we prayerfully open ourselves to the possibilities, then God will show us a way to help the children to find solid ground.  We stand, as the song says, on Christ the solid rock.  How can you help children onto the solid ground that is Christ?


Earthquakes and aftershocks may not be happening in your community, but children in every community are on shaky ground.  Help them.


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