Are you boring?

'Old man' photo (c) 2006, Thomassin Mickaël - license: other day I was having lunch in a local restaurant.  At a nearby table was  a group of 6 men.  These men were older, and I believe they were hard of hearing.  They all talked louder than most people.  Well, this allowed me to hear bits and pieces of their conversation.  The bits and pieces I heard included the Catholic Church’s views on baptism when death appears imminent,  Tiger Woods golf game, Tiger Woods  life choices,  the latest earthquake aftershock, their golf games, and the best orthopedic doctor in the area.  Each at the table had something to say.  Each added to the conversation.  Sometimes their comments were funny and sometimes more serious.  Rarely did one try to talk about himself.  Instead they talked about general interest topics.

I do not know if this is the normal way that a group of men carry on a conversation, but I do know that their conversation made an impression on me.  All too often we focus on ourselves.  Our focus shows in our conversations.  We talk about how we are feeling or doing.  We discuss what we think about this, that, or the other.  We need to tell what is going on in our lives.

What if we followed these men’s example at least some of the time?  What if we found things to discuss that are beyond just  us?  What if we talk about  things that are not self-centered?  Sure, we all do this sometimes, but what if we talked about something other than the weather, food , and ourselves?  I think we would find  ourselves building many more relationships. I doubt we would ever be considered boring.


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