Thinking of You


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It came.  The card came.  It comes every October, but I am always eager for its arrival.  It is sent primarily to my husband, but I’m included.  It is an appreciation card.  Someone makes a trip and purchases a card for us to let us know that she appreciates us!  How have you appreciated others today?  Do you send cards?  Do you just call and let someone know they are appreciated?  Do you send? Facebook messages, tweet, post on a wall, or some other social media appreciation?  Do you bake a cake?

There are countless ways to acknowledge and appreciate others, and we all crave that appreciation.  We want to know that others value us.  We want to know that we are loved and accepted.  Each one of us can do our part to let others know that they are indeed appreciated and cared about.  Jesus us shows us trough a variety of healings and parables that he valued others.  He shows us when he heals people in different ways, meeting the people where they are.  He shows the worth of others by accepting them.  Think about the woman at the well.  He asked her for a drink of water which was showing that he thought her of great worth.  After all, everybody else avoided talking to her.  She was not worth talking to because of her past as well as her present.  Jesus considered her a person of value.  She had enough worth to not only be spoken to, but she could be of assistance.

When we take the time to appreciate others, we are affirming their worth.  We are saying that they are worth our time and our energy.  We are valuing that each person is created in the image of God.  Take time to value others.  They need to know their worth.  They may have no one else to send them a card or acknowledge their worth.


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