Beyond Logic


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How do you know what to do?  Most of us rely on our logic to carry us through the decisions of life.  We make our choices on what makes sense.  We choose a profession based on our aptitude and skills.  We choose what to wear based on the weather forecast and the events of the day.  We choose our entertainment based on availability, price, and time constraints.

Logic is good, but it can only carry us so far.  We are more than logical.  We are spiritual.  We are emotional.  We are physical.  In making the decision of life all of these parts of our being can and should come into play.  For example, when deciding on a vocation, we often hear the advice to do something that we love.  We are strongly encouraged to do something that will bring us joy.  We also may have several logical wardrobe choices, but we go to the same item over and over.  We have favorites.  (My favorites are my red jeans.)

So often we forget the other parts of us, but it is these parts that help us make the most important decisions.  Many of us married because we loved.  We chose not just because it was logical, but we chose a spouse because of an emotional response.  Yes, there was probably more than the emotional, but that is usually the one we talk about.  Many of us have made a decision to be Christians.  We choose to be followers of Jesus Christ.  We choose to claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  It may not always be logical, but we choose because we know with our whole being that is the right choice for us.  We know in all aspects of our being that we want to give our lives to Jesus Christ.  We know in all aspects of our being that we want to join our life to another person.

Yet, we try to boil most of our decisions down to logic.  We want to be logically.  I want to encourage you to be more than just logically.  Be the full person God has created you to be.  Listen to your whole being when making decisions.  Rely not just on your mind, but on your heart, body, and soul.  Live more fully.  The other aspects of your being have insights that are not a part of your logical mind.  Listen to those other parts.  Wear your favorite clothing because of the way you feel when you wear it.  Choose to do something because of how your spirit sings when you do it.  Live more boldly.  Live beyond logic.


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