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I am fairly new to bull riding, so I really appreciate the commentators.  During Professional Bull Riding, PBR, events, there is a color commentator and a former world champion who explains things.  One of the bull fighters, formerly known as rodeo clowns, also comments on the action. During the week, PBR Now comes on and there is further commentary on riders, bulls, and the sport in general.  I learn a lot about the sport from all of these commentators.


I have learned a lot about the sport from these experts.  One of the things that has been talked about repeatedly is where bull riders are looking.  Riders, during the 8 second ride, choose where to look.  Once a rider looks at the ground, then there body follows.  One of a the things a rider needs to do in order to have a successful ride is to keep their eyes on the bull instead of the ground.


I am sure that there are lots of others things that a bull rider needs to do a lot more than look at the bull’s head, but it is one of the things that needs to happen.  This need to look in a certain direction go me to thinking.  Where are we looking, and does our focus have an impact on where we end up?  Bull riders who look at the ground end up on the ground.  Bull riders who look at the bull are able to stay on the bull because they see which direction the bull is heading.  Sometimes when a bull rider is anticipating a fall off a bull, he may start looking for a place to land.  He is creating his future by anticipating a fall.


We can do the same thing if we do not focus on our goals.  If we focus on what could go wrong, how we will not succeed, and the potential for failure, then we will probably create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  We are all going to have set-backs, problems, and not succeed at times.  We know that things may go wrong, but we are not to look for these things.  We are to look at the potential.  We are to keep our focus on the goal.  The bull rider focuses on the bull, and we are to focus  on the goal.  So, where are you looking?


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