Snap to It

I have a bag that has the words, “Snap to it” imprinted on the bag.  It is a reminder for me and hopeful others who see it.  We come up with great ideas.  We see a possibility.  We realize that there is an opportunity.  We get excited, fired up.  Then we sit, we talk, we plan, and we imagine.  Yet, we never actually “snap to it”.  We just think, dream, and plan.  We need this portion of life, but we have to move beyond this stage.  In order to really be doing something, we need to “snap to it”.

It is not enough to have a great idea if we never put it into action.  It is not enough to dream about something if we never work to put the dream into action.  One of the things that I notice about Jesus and the disciples is that they were active.  They were not sitting around talking about things constantly.  They were out in the world, actively working for the kingdom.  They did not just imagine what it would be like to heal, they went and laid hands on those who needed healing.  They did not say, “someone should do something about those laws,” but they went and changed the world.

We are called to act, to “snap to it”.  It is time to get going.  It is time to be a worker for the kingdom instead of just dreaming about the kingdom.  What is God calling you to do today?


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