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Before now there was then.  Then is what now has been built upon.  The lessons of then allow us to live in the now.  The experiences of then shape our now.  Now is built on then.  Before us there was them.  Them are the ones who were then.  Them are the people who inspired, taught, and prepared us then so that we can live now.  Them are the ones that found new ways of living and being so that our now might be different.  The then and the thems make us and now who we are.  By recalling the thems and the thens, we can more fully understand and appreciate the us and the now.

As a part of the Professional Bull Riding World Finals, there was a Heroes and Legends event.  The thems were invited and honored for what they did then.  The names are familiar, the bull riding legendary, and the gratitude real.  These past riders made today’s riders reality.  They are them who rode with passion and sought to make the sport something more.  They are the them who moved the sport to the next level.  The bull riders and the bulls will be acknowledged and thanked for what they have done for us now.  Some riders are the ones we know, but there are many others.  Riders who were not well known, but they were the riders who helped grow the sport.  One ride at a time the sport has been molded and fashioned by riders, bulls, and fans.  The known and the unknown heroes and legends have made the sport what it is today.  As a fan of bull riding, I appreciate what they have done to make it better.

November 1 is All Saint’s Day.  It is a day that the church universal acknowledges the them from back then that have built a foundation for us now.  They are the them who have been the hands and feet of Christ in this world so that we could become disciples of Jesus Christ.  They are the them who worked then for God’s kingdom.  Some have received acknowledgement and thanks, but most of them did not.  They were working in the background, in the Sunday School classroom, in churches of all sizes, in communities everywhere to make God’s kingdom a reality on earth.  They are them who prayed then for us and now.  They are the them who sacrificed their time, talents, and resources to build churches, teach classes, feed the hungry, and transform the world.  They are the them who loved  us into a faith community.

Let us consider the them of then who have made us of now.  Let us thank God for the individuals who have helped shaped our lives and our faith.  While we are giving thanks, let us think about what we can do now for who is next.  We will soon be the them of the then, and what we do now will be the building block for next.


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