Be Ready

Cowboy Preparing for Bull-Riding at the 2007 Y...

The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) World Finals are over.  It has been a week of surprises, impressive bull rides, injuries, and all sort of happenings.  One of the reasons I enjoy bull riding so much is that it reminds me of life.  In bull riding, like life,  you just never know what is going to happen.  In both the sport and life, we have to take things as they come.  There are mountain top experiences that are unpredictable and valley experiences that are unplanned.  In bull riding and life, we have to be prepared as possible to deal with whatever comes our way.

At the world finals, Caleb Sanderson surprised everyone.  He rode better than  anyone expected.  He had not been expected to do that well.  In fact, he had no odds.  He was not listed as someone a gambler could individually place a bet on to win or show.  (I don’t gamble, so I hope I have the right terminology for gambling.  On the television broadcast it said that there were some riders gamblers could place bets on, then there was the rest of the pack.  Caleb was in the rest of the pack.)  maybe you have had a similar life experience.  No one thought you would do much in a situation.  They would not bet on you to accomplish much.  Caleb rode exceptionally well and proved that you just never know what is going to happen.  He did not just get lucky.  He, like all bull riders, has put a lot of time and effort into bull riding.  He has worked very hard to get to this level.  He has made sacrifices.  He has practiced.  This was just a moment in time where everything came together for him.  His hard work and determination paid off.

If your moment comes, will you be ready?  Are you preparing for your opportunity to shine?  More than likely, your opportunity will not be as public and athletic as Caleb’s, but you will still have opportunities to shine.   You will have the opportunity to share the love of God with other people.  You will have a chance to offer God’s love to someone who has never experienced it before.  You  will have a chance to offer comfort, hope, and love.  Will you be ready?  Caleb had to practice, and we have to practice as well.  Everyday we need to grow in our servanthood by loving others.  Everyday we need to share ourselves so that when the big opportunities come, we will be ready.  Caleb had to make personal sacrifices.  We have to as well.  He has given up the comfort and security of a regular job and weekends at home.  Sometimes we have to put ourselves in uncomfortable circumstances so that others can experience God.

Get ready for your opportunity.  Do not let it pass by because you never know if you will get another chance.


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