Hot Enough

A clothes dryer.

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My clothes dryer is not working.  Clothes can roll around in there all day without getting dry.  It is frustrating and changes how things function around our house.  We are looking for any available place to hang clothes for drying. Maybe you have had a similar experience with an appliance.


Even if you have not had the experience of an appliance not heating up (dryer, oven, stove, coffee pot, toaster, etc.) you may know what it is when someone is not on fire.  We someone is not “hot” or passionate about what they are doing, the results are less than spectacular.  Sure, the person may want to do a good job, but they just don’t have a burning desire to put forth their best effort.  Sometimes this happens at a job.  People just do what needs to be done with no real excitement or enthusiasm.  They probably try to get away with doing as little as possible.  Sometimes this happens with household chores.  Most children try at least once to pick up their things by shoving them under the bed.  This also happens in relationships.  We don’t give our full attention or effort .  We don’t do that much because we just don’t care.


What about your faith?  Are you on fire for the kingdom?  Luke warm?  Cold as ice?  Are you able to share God’s love, or are you like my dryer, never getting  hot enough to change anything?  God needs us to be passionate and on fire for the kingdom.  God needs you to be hot enough.


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