Who do you let in?

[Row houses, corner of N and Union Streets S.W...

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

We have a fair amount of visitors at our house.  They are friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family.  Some visitors we expect.  Some just stop by.  We are more comfortable with some than others.  Some of our visitors are “front door visitors” which means that any conversation is held at the front door.  That may be because they are just dropping off someone on or something.  They may be driving carpool.  They may not want to come in.  These visitors never really come past the threshold.


Then we have some front room visitors.  They come into the front room, which happens to be the living room.  They are invited only to the front of the house.  Perhaps the rest of the house is to cluttered, and we are uncomfortable with them seeing it.  Perhaps they are there to conduct business, so we invite them to a more formal space.  Perhaps we don’t know them that well, and we don’t want to reveal to much of ourselves.


There are backroom visitors who are invited into the family room and kitchen.  They know us, or at least we want them to know us.  We feel comfortable with them.  We are okay with them seeing the inner workings of our family which includes some clutter.  These folks meet the family, the pets, and the clutter.  They are ones we  have built more trusting relationships.  These are the ones who know us more fully.


Our relationship with God can be compared to the visitors at our house.  How far do you let God into your life?  Do you bare all to God, including the clutter?  Do you hold  God at arm’s length, unsure if you can let God get to close?  Maybe you are concerned that God will cast judgment on your internal mess, the wayward thoughts, the chaos that sometimes occupies your heart, mind and soul.  Maybe you think that God will not like what God sees.  Maybe you are ashamed of what is a part of you.  Maybe you want to tidy up the clutter, the sin, and the rest of it before you let God in.


The truth is that God loves you and accepts you.  No matter how much chaos, disorder, or mess you have working inside you, God loves you.  God is closer than the friends and family who see your messy house.  God is there to share your life with you, and God will help sort through the mess if you ask.  God is that friend who just wants to be with you and understands that houses, minds, and souls are sometimes cluttered and even dirty.  Invite God in today.  Invite God into your whole self.  Don’t just have a conversation at the front door, but let God see your whole house.  Allow God to come  in and see the way your mind, heart, and soul are working.  Allow God to see the chaos, the clutter, the pain, the worry, the hurt, and all of the things that you try to hide from others.  Go ahead and show God what is in the closets as well.  Show God the things that you try to hide even from  yourself.


When you have shown everything to God, then you can ask God to help clear the clutter and create order within you.  You can ask for and receive God’s peace.  Let God in.


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