RelaxingWe all need rest.  We sleep.  We take breaks.  We realize the need of our bodies to re-charge.  But, we are more than just a body.  We are heart, mind, body, and soul.  All the parts of us need time to re-charge.  Some parts need more re-charging than others.  Some parts need different types of re-charging.  We sometimes get to thinking that we are just to  busy for re-charging.  We just cannot take the time to re-charge.

Truth is that we cannot afford to not re-charge.  If we keep going without taking care of ourselves, then we are headed for burn-out.  We may get to the point, where the joy of life is gone.  We are so worn out that everything is a chore, and we have lost our joy.  Take the time for renewal so that you can experience the joy of living.  Take the time to re-charge, to rest, and to renew  yourself.

Take time to consider what re-charges you.  What can you do for yourself?    You are part of God’s creation, and you must take care of God’s creation.  Take time for you.


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