Making a Difference

The sun keeps on coming - out in mid-November

Image by CharlesFred via Flickr

I confess that in my more cynical moments I wonder if I am making a difference in the world.  Is the world really affected in a positive way by my presence. There are so many activities that eat away at my time, am I really able to help move the kingdom forward? Then there are moments that remind me we all can make a difference. We make a difference in big activities and small actions.  The other day I was sitting in a children/youth group meeting. A new, younger girl came into the room.  It was obvious that she was new.  The parents were instructed to sit in the back of the room.  The girl looked nervous.  She was alternating between biting her fingernails and twirling her hair. Another girl noticed the younger girl.  The older girl was a senior in nigh school and talking with her friends. She could have just kept talking to her friends, but she stopped and asked the younger girl if she wanted to sit beside her.  The younger girl shook her head “no”. She was so nervous that she rejected the offer of inclusion. Then, she went around the table to sit across from the older girl. The older girl proceeded to engage the younger girl in a conversation.  She did not say anything about the initial offer being rejected.


The older girl did not do any huge action, but it was a huge act for the younger girl.  Her acceptance of the younger girl transformed the younger girl. It allowed her to relax and enjoy the experience.  Small actions on our part do make a difference.  We may not be changing the whole world with our actions, but we can change a moment for one person.


we all can make a difference if we keep our eyes open to the possibilities around us.  We can offer hospitality to others. We can offer the cup of cold water to the stranger.  We can be the hands and feet of Christ.  Look around this week and see who could use encouragement, friendship, hope, love, or understanding.  We are the ,light of Christ!



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