Getting Along

The  chickens are not getting along.  I should say that all of the chickens are getting along except one chicken.  The odd-chicken-out is a blue Ameraucana

Blue Chicken

Image by betsyjean79 via Flickr

.  We have other Ameraucanas, but they are different colors.  This is the only unique chicken in our brood.  It seems that her uniqueness or individuality bothers the other chickens.  They peck at her.  Over time, I am told, they will learn to get along.  The other chickens will accept her.  I am hoping.


While these are just chickens, we know that people judge those who are different.  We know hat the one who is the most unique is often the one who is ostracized by the group. The theme of the most unique person being excluded is often played out in our books, movies, and television.  Remember Rudolph was not allowed to play any reindeer games because of his shiny nose.  He was different.


As Christians, we are called to make the world more like the kingdom of God.  We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  Jesus accepted everyone.  In fact, it seems that those who he held closest were the most unique.  He reached out to the least, the last, and the lost.  He reached out to those who were deemed untouchable.  He invited all people into relationship.  If Jesus was in charge of the reindeer games, then everyone would have been encouraged to play.


Maybe we need to figure out how to get along better than chickens or reindeer.  Maybe we need to find ways to invite others into our midst.  Maybe we need to stop picking on the ones who are different and invite them to be a part of the group.  Maybe we need to have more games and encourage others to join in.  Maybe we should appreciate the many, wonderful ways that we are unique.  Maybe we should be more like Christ and less like a chicken!


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