Spiritual Walk

Image by StuffEyeSee via Flickr

Recently I was leaving church one evening.   There was a woman waiting in her car for someone in the building.  I did not know the woman.  While she waited, she talked on her cell phone.  It was a comfortable evening, so she had her window down.  I was at the door, under the porch light, when I heard the woman sharing medical information.  It was more than I wanted or needed to know.  I do not think she was aware of how far her voice was traveling.


Another night I was watching a presentation.  The presenter was using power point. The presenter  had used a different version of power point than the computer in the presentation room, so there were some differences between the original presentation and what we viewed. One notable difference was the symbol that the presenter used as a bullet point.  I’m not sure what the original symbol was, but the symbol shown was a Chinese character.  One of the members of the audience asked the presenter if she was aware of the meaning of the symbol.  She was not.  However, I believe the person who asked the question was surprised to see that symbol.  The presenter was not aware of what the symbol meant, but a member of her audience was aware.


In this “information age” we are constantly bombarded with information.  Sometimes the information can become so overwhelming that we tune out much of it.  We try to be a little less aware.  We don’t want to know the stranger’s medical information or any other overheard cell phone conversations.  We would rather not disclose the meaning of an unintended character on a presentation.  We would rather be obtuse.  In many ways we become very good at tuning out information.


What about spiritual information?  Are we spiritually aware?  Do we open up our spirits to sense the spiritual that is going on around us?  Do we have a sense of God’s presence?  Do we have a sense of spiritual hunger or need?  Have we become so accustomed to tuning out that we have completely tuned out the spiritual side of things?  Maybe there is too much information coming at us, or maybe we need to tune into other information.  Instead of listening with just our minds, maybe we need to do more spiritual listening.  Maybe we need to be more spiritually alert.  Try opening yourself up to sense God’s presences, other’s spiritual needs and wants.  Try opening up to your own spirit.  You may find a greater awareness that you ever thought possible.  You may find that with awareness comes new life.


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