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Thanksgiving Week is upon us.  Maybe you are cooking.  Maybe you are preparing to travel.  Maybe  you are planning your television viewing.  Maybe  you are anxiously awaiting the sales papers to determine your “Black Friday” shopping schedule.  Whatever you are doing, planning, or preparing, I invite you to consider how you are thankful.


How? Yes, how.  So many times we say that we are thankful.  We say it to God, our family, and our friends.  It is a good thing to acknowledge our thankfulness, but is acknowledgement enough?  If we are truly thankful, then shouldn’t our thankfulness engender more of a response?  The other afternoon I saw a television show “Design on a Dime”.  The designers come in and re-design a room for an  individual or family.  At the end of the show the room is revealed.  The man of the couple was so thankful that he hugged the designers.  He spoke his thanks, but he acted on it as well.  If we are thankful, then we should act on it as well.


Many organizations hope that we will act on our thankfulness in a monetary way.  If you are thankful for your college education, then you can give back to the school.  If you are thankful for law enforcement, then you can give back through a check.  If you are thankful for other services, then you can give back.  While these are ways to be thankful, there are other ways.


Maybe we ought to consider some tangible ways to show our thanks.  For example, when was the last time you took the time to send a card to say thank you to someone in your life?  Have you ever thought of the gift of your time for another person?  Are  you thankful for the love of a friend, relative, or stranger?  If so, why don’t  you try passing that love on?  As you prepare for giving thanks, consider the ways you give thanks.


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