New Adventures

Advent Sunday

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We are told that Christ is making all things new.  We claim this to be Good News, but do we try to embrace new things?  Do we seek out new adventures?  Far too often we become comfortable and complacent.  We make excuses about responsibilities and busy-ness, but we don’t want any new adventures.  We like the comfortable and familiar.  We are afraid of where the adventures might lead.  We are afraid of how the adventures might change us.


If we allow our anxieties and fears to rule us, then we will fight against the new things that Christ wants to create in us and in our lives.  We will hardened ourselves against change.  We will resist any transformation.  We will close ourselves off from the blessings God wants us to have.  In order to battle again our natural human condition to resist change, I believe we need to seek change.  I believe we need to have new adventures.  By allowing ourselves to have new adventures, we are opening ourselves up to change.  We are allowing ourselves to be open to the new things that can be done in and through us in Christ.


Adventures come in many different forms.  We can have an adventure by  doing something different.  We can go to work a different way, try a new form of prayer, visit a new city, make a new friend, try a new recipe, listen to new music, rearrange our furniture.  Whatever we can do to experience change allows us to be open to the possibilities of newness.


Soon will mark the new Christian year with the beginning of Advent, and I invite you to consider what new adventures are available to you.  Maybe you will be of service to someone new.  Maybe  you will participate in a new way at church.  Maybe you will have a new book to help you experience the spiritual side of advent.  Maybe you will begin a new family tradition.  Maybe you will listen more closely and love more fully.  Allow yourself a new adventure so that you may be made new in Christ.


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