Cough and the Common Cold

Image by RobertFrancis via Flickr

If our computers have a problem, we try to reset them by re-booting the system.  If our smart phones have a problem, then we can do either a soft or hard reset. It seems that wall technical machines, there is a reset.  If my vacuum has a reset for when something goes wrong.  What about us?  Do you have a reset?  Do you have a time or a way to re-start things when there is a glitch in your operating system?


Perhaps that is what minor illnesses are supposed to be.  When we struggle with  the common cold, upper respiratory infections, and other common ailments, we may be receiving an opportunity to have a personal reset.  Often these illnesses require extra rest.  We are encouraged to avoid personal contact with others so that we do not pass along our germs.  These often annoying minor illnesses may be a chance for us to reset ourselves.  As we snuffle and sniffle  in our jammies, we can take time to recharge and reflect.  We can consider how things are going in our lives, in our relationships, and in our personal development.  We can get some extra sleep and take the opportunity to care for ourselves.  We can ask what we need to do differently.


In this season that is often accompanied with colds and coughs, consider the minor ailments an opportunity to re-set ourselves.  Instead of constantly pushing ourselves to do more and be more, maybe we need a reset occasionally.  Resetting and renewing ourselves will allow some of the glitches to be worked out.  Take a sick day.  Take care of yourself.  Allow God the opportunity to re-direct you.


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