Bull Riders and Christians

Professional Bull Riders    -  Madison Square ...

Image by asterix611 via Flickr

I am missing the Build Ford Tough Series of the PBR.  This is the Professional Bull Riders highest level of competition.  The season ended at the end of October.  It will resume in January.  This may sound like there is no bull riding to be seen, but that is not accurate.  The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) are competing in Australia and Brazil.  The Touring Pro Division of the PBR is also competing.  Some of the riders that I enjoy watching, like Brendon Clark, Travis Briscoe, and Silvano Alves are part of these competitions.    Other riders are using this time to have needed surgeries or heal from injuries.  The sport is not taking a break.  It is just less visible during this time of year since it is not on television or having many events live streaming on the internet.


This less visible period has led me to consider how this is often like the Christian life.  We who are Christians are called to work for God’s kingdom.  It is not something we take a break from.  It is a part of who we are.  The work of the kingdom is continuous, and there is always more for us to do.  Sometimes the work is more visible than others.  Yet, the work goes on, even if no one sees us working.  There are times when we are obviously working for God, such as when we lead worship,  singing in a choir, ringing the bell at the Salvation Army’s red bucket, or serving a meal at a homeless shelter.  There are other times that no one sees what we are doing.  No one sees the work that goes on behind the scenes to adorn a sanctuary for advent.  No one sees a church treasurer paying the bills of the congregation.  No one sees the prayers that are offered for friends, neighbors, and strangers.  Yet, these are work of the kingdom as well.


There are seasons when we are called to do the visible work of the kingdom.  There are other seasons when we are called to do the work that is less visible.  There are times when we are to work at a feverish pace. There are other times when we need rest, healing and restoration.  In this less visible season of the PBR, you may want to evaluate what God is calling you to do and be in this season and in the new year.  There are many ways to serve God, we must seek out God’s calling on our lives and on this season of our lives.  Go with God.


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