Lib in bootsBoots are on my Christmas list.  They have been for a few years now.  I want cowgirl boots.  I like footwear in general, but the boots will be a statement piece.  They speak of my love of bull riding. I often observe what footwear other people are wearing.  Recently, I was at a meeting.  It was my first time in the group.  I looked around at the people.  I noticed that many were wearing boots.  These were mostly farm families.  These boots were not fashion statements.  These were boots that were practical.   These folks needed their boots.  I just like cowgirl boots.


Sometimes we forget the difference between what something looks like and what is needed.  We get caught up in appearances rather than remembering what is needed.  We want pretty pictures, but we forget that the experience is more important than capturing the picture.  The experience of living is much more important than the appearance of living.


In this season of gatherings of family and friends, are you interested in the appearance or the experience?  Do you want everyone to look happy and smile pretty, or do you want to experience love and acceptance?


I still want cowgirl boots, but I want more than that.  I want my friends and family to experience peace, joy, and love during this season.  I want them to have love rather than look good.  Boots would be nice, but the positive experiences of life are more important.  Today, focus on the experience of living rather than just looking good.  (But let me know about your favorite boots.)

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