Macaroni and cheese is an American comfort food

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We all need or seek a certain amount of comfort.  To be comfortable means, at least to me, a chance to relax.  Comfort implies a safe place where we can be our true selves.  Sometimes comfort is much easier to talk about than to actually experience comfort.

We talk about things or situations that bring us comfort.  We acknowledge comfort foods, objects that bring comfort , or even comforting habits and rituals.  Yet sometimes these things are not enough.  In order to experience comfort, we need more than the macaroni and cheese, the familiar pajamas, the crackling fire, or twirling our hair around our finger.  We need something more.

We need other people.  Other people can offer comfort in a way that no object can do.  Another person can grant us permission, assurances, hope, and love.  Another person can offer care that comes in the form of a kind hug, a knowing look, or a home-cooked meal.  Another person can offer encouragement or consolation.  Another person can help us feel safe even when the world around us seems unstable and unsafe.

As Christians, we are called to offer comfort.  Comfort, O Comfort my people, God says to the prophet in Isaiah 40:1.  Are you providing comfort?  Are you creating a warm and nurturing environment for others?  Do others feel safe to be themselves around you?  By receiving God’s comfort, we are then able to comfort others.  We are able to offer comfort to friends, family, and strangers.  We are able to do the work of the kingdom – to comfort God’s people.

Take the time to consider how comforting you are, and take the time to offer comfort to God’s people.


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