May I?

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I recently had the privilege of hearing Sam Wells preach.  It was a wonderful experience of God’s presence.  One thing I noticed was that Sam asked a question as he began to preach.  He said, “May I speak in the name of the living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?”  What a wonderful question!  It is a question that more of us should be asking more often.

Far too often we are giving our opinion.  We speak in our own name.  We offer those we love our sage advice, our guidance, and our assurances.  What about the living God?  God’s words are universal advice, guidance, and assurance.  While we all have unique life experiences, we do not have the same perspective as God.  We only know things from our extremely limited perspective.  God is outside of the constraints of time, place, and knowledge.  God is not bogged down by the past experiences of our own lives.  God has not been trained by the rules and regulations of modernity.  God is able to think beyond the moment.  God sees us and our lives from an objective perspective.

When we are tempted to broadcast what we think, maybe we should at least consider  what God might say.  If we pause to consider what God has said to humanity through the scriptures, then we might see things from a different perspective.  Consider  how you speak.  Do you speak  without thinking?  Do you speak without thinking about God’s perspective?  Do you speak without understanding?  Consider what it would mean for you toe speak in the name of the living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Move beyond yourself.  Move towards God.


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