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What is the ROI on marketing?  According to a recent blog I read, everyone is concerned with the ROI.  I confess that I actually read more to find out what ROI is.  In case you do not know either, it is Return on Investment.  We want to now how much we are getting out of what we put into something.  We want to know if the time, money, or energy we expend is returned.  Do we have a big enough return on what we invest?  This is mainly pointing towards business ventures, but I think many of us look at ROIs in all of lives.  We may not do it consciously, but we do consider if we are getting enough out of our investments.  Am I getting enough out of this investment?  Am I getting what I need out of this relationship?

This is a lot more difficult to calculate that how much increase in a store’s traffic following a marketing investment.  There are a lot more intangibles in our relationships.  It is never going to be exactly even because different people are able to give different amounts.  For example the friend that is sometimes supportive may be giving you 100% of their support.  They just don’t have any more to give.  The friend is giving all he or she can, but he or she will never be able to give as much as you can.  Maybe they have a difficult life situation.  Maybe they never learned how ot support another person because they did not receive support when they were growing up.  You are not going to get as much support as the other person, but they are giving 100%.  They are giving all that they can.

Add to this the Christian perspective.  We who are followers of Jesus have a Savior who has turned everything upside down.  The One we follow, our leader, give his very life for us.  He gave everything, more than we have to give.  We cannot repay the gift of grace.  Instead, we are called to love others.  Our response to God’s gift of grace in Jesus  is to give to God’s people.  This means that we are not to consider our ROI, but we are to consider how much we are able to give.

This Christmas and always, give what you can.  Not because you are expecting a Return on Investment, but because we love.  We are to give all that we can so that others might experience love.  We are to give to others as a response to God’s love for us.  Don’t worry about the ROI.  God doesn’t.  God chooses to give grace unconditionally, and we are called to do the same.


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