Winning the World

PICT6768Recently the PRCA had its world finals.  The PRCA is the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association.  One person, L.J. Jenkins, won the world championship event.  Another person, Shane Proctor, won the title World Champion.  There is a difference.  Bot are accomplishments to be celebrated, but the difference is huge.

To be world champion of the PRCA means that Shane Proctor has one the most money over the season.  He won for slogging it out week in and week out.  He won for all of the rodeos he competed in, something driving through the night.  LJ Jenkins had the best scores over a ten day event.  Both should be proud of their accomplishment.

As Christians, we have to understand the difference between the event and the season.  The season for us is never ending.  We may not win every event, but we must consistently be present.  We must be offering God’s love to the world, sharing our faith, and serving God.  This means that there are times when we wonder if it is worth it.  There are late nights.  There are events in which it does not seem we did very well.  Keep the goal in mind.  Keep the vision of God’s kingdom before you.

Christmas in the post-War United States

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There are other times when we are working to win an event.  We are working for one period of time for a short-term goal.  Maybe this Christmas is a short-term goal.  Maybe you are seeking God’s peace for yourself and y our family.  Maybe you are seeking to share what you believe in the rush of holiday events.

Understanding what we are working for helps determine our behavior.  We may, like Shane Proctor, be trying to win both the event and the title.  Shane broke his arm and did not win the event, but he did win the title.  You may not win the event, but you still need to work towards the title/goal.


One thought on “Winning the World

  1. Sandi – thanks for the thoughtful post. We can get weary and sometimes lose in our day to day struggles. But, as you say, it’s the long term goal we’re really here for. And we have the One helping us along that has the power to carry us through.

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