The Baby is Coming

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

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We can predict so many things in this modern age that there are very few surprises.  Thanks to NOAA we can even track Santa’s path around the world.  Babies are different.  They come when they are ready.  They come when it is time.  Doctors try to predict, and they are close, sometimes.  However, the baby always has the last say.  My doctors had determined to induce labor on a particular day, but my baby decided to come a day early.  She wanted everyone to know that her arrival was on her time schedule.


The celebration of Jesus birth comes at the same day every year, but there is something else that is less predictable.  The birth of God’s Spirit within us is unpredictable.  Whether it is our first awareness of God’s love.  Our first acceptance of God as our Lord and Savior is another surprising moment.  It is that moment we accept that we are disciples of Jesus Chris or even the realization that we have put our whole trust in God’s grace.  The way grace works within us, transforms us, and offers to us a new way of living and being is often a surprise.


Some believe that once the first ha happened, then there are no more surprises, but God still  has surprises and blessings in store for us.  If we are open to the possibilities, then we will experience the birth od God’s Spirit within us.  We will be reawakened to grace.  We will experience a heart-warming, life altering moment of grace. As we prepare to celebrate Jesus birth, be open to the surprises.  Be open to the moments of grace.  Be ready for God to be born within  you.


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